Mineral Makeup: A Glowing Look Without Harmful Side Effects

picture of mineral makeupAll women crave that glowing and youthful looking face. However, healthy and bright looking skin is not easy to achieve.

In order to get flawless skin, a strict routine is required which includes regular exercise, healthy eating, and the appropriate daily facial care and makeup. Most women will spend a huge amount of money in their lifetime on beauty products including makeup.

It is now not enough to just have a few brands of makeup available. Not only do women want a vast selection of beauty products but they also want to see new innovative products every now and then.

This is why scientists have dedicated their lives to finding new formulas (e.g. Revitol Eye Cream) that are more effective. The new advanced innovations in makeup technology in recent years have resulted in mineral makeup. In this article, we will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of mineral makeup compared to conventional makeup.

Advantages Of Mineral Makeup

Mineral cosmetics have grown drastically in popularity in the last few years due to their lightweight consistency and natural formula. It has become the makeup of choice for a lot of women who are looking for that glowing look with as little damage as possible to the skin. It is now available in most drugstores and spas as well as supermarkets.

Natural Base

All mineral products are based on ingredients that are naturally found in the Earth’s core. Therefore, you will get the health benefits of its natural ingredients. In comparison, the other well-known non-mineral makeup brands available on the market contain highly toxic ingredients and feature heavy formulas.

For example, some of the ingredients include fragrances, preservatives and chemical dyes. These toxic ingredients permeate your skin and over time can result in liver problems, exhaustion and a weakened immune system.

The fact that most cosmetic brands out there contain harmful ingredients means that they can cause allergic reactions such as redness or hives.

On the other hand, mineral makeup actually contains anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic ingredients such as zinc oxide. Therefore, this is the makeup of choice for women who are allergic to chemical based beauty products because it is safe for all types of skin.
Furthermore, long-term use of these non-mineral makeup brands sucks the moisture out of your skin causing it to become very dry and flaky.

Continued dryness for long periods can affect the elasticity of your skin and contributes to large pore size and wrinkles. In my opinion, the polished finish achieved when using non-mineral makeup is not worth the unwanted visible side-effects to the skin over the long term.


Mineral makeup is powder-based and is therefore lightweight and does not lead to a heavy and thick makeup look. It achieves that glowing and polished look without having to pile on too much makeup.

Heavy makeup is also more noticeable on the skin and is thus less desirable for women looking for that natural look and airy feel. On the contrary, mineral makeup rests comfortably on your skin and you will barely feel like you have any makeup on.


Mineral products contain titanium oxide and iron oxide which act as sun screens because they deflect the rays of the sun. Continued exposure to the sun can cause premature dark spots and wrinkles. Therefore, if your makeup includes a sunscreen you will be protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Weather Friendly

Mineral cosmetics are very weather friendly because even in really hot summers, when your makeup melts, they will not cause your pores to get infected and cause acne which is what happens with non-mineral cosmetics. This is because mineral products contain natural ingredients which are harmless even on the most humid days.

The ingredients in mineral products are also water resistant and therefore will tend to stick to your skin longer in all weather conditions.

Blends Well

The colors available with mineral makeup make it ideal for blending because they are usually available in earthy colors. It is perfect for blending the different tones of complexion in your face to achieve that even, smooth and toned finish.

Disadvantages Of Mineral Makeup

Unfortunately there are downsides to every good product.

With the growing popularity of mineral cosmetics, some manufacturers are starting to include chemicals or preservatives in their brand. This can be harmful to people who have sensitive skin and it is therefore important to check the ingredients carefully before buying any makeup. Some mineral products also do not contain sunscreen properties. Again, make sure you choose a brand that has sunscreen properties.

Can Be Expensive

Due to the fact that mineral cosmetics offer that glowing and immaculate finish without the side-effects of conventional makeup, it is more expensive to buy. However, it is worth paying a little bit extra because the benefits of using makeup that has natural ingredients are numerous.

If you feel that you cannot completely switch over to mineral cosmetics, at least start investing in a natural foundation and then slowly replace other beauty products.

You should now have enough information to decide whether you want to embrace the goodness of nature and start using mineral makeup.



Mineral Makeup: A Glowing Look Without Harmful Side Effects was last modified: April 25th, 2015 by Sally Wells