Murad Resurgence Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Most of us worry about looking old and this is why there are so many different brands of anti-aging creams out there, all attempting to make us look younger. In this article, we will give you an overview of Murad Resurgence, an anti-aging skin care product. We will also reveal genuine Murad Resurgence reviews from real users and concerns they have had regarding this product created by Dr Murad.

What Is Murad Resurgence?

Murad Resurgence is an anti-aging skin care program created by Dr Murad who is claimed to be one of the nation’s best dermatologists and has over 30 years experience in this sector.  The manufacturers’ claim that Murad Resurgence reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness, gives you more youthful looking skin and will make you look 7 years younger in just 7 days or your money back.

The package comes with the following main products:

  1. Murad Resurgence Renew Cleansing Cream – Gently washes and exfoliates the skin to restore its natural radiance.
  2. Murad Resurgence Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum –  Increases the skin’s elasticity, firms the skin and fights wrinkles.
  3. Murad Resurgence Age-Balancing Night Cream – Hydrates and restores suppleness by increasing cell renewal.

How Does Murad Resurgence Work?

The main breakthrough in this product is the new Resurgence formula which contains a resurrection plant extract. This extract produces anti-oxidant compounds and usually during extreme droughts, this extract stabilizes proteins and cells. But when it is exposed to water, it revives itself and becomes lush, green and vibrant.

The use of this extract in the new Resurgence formula helps combat age-related dehydration and gives a more youthful glow. The other main ingredients are Phytoestrogens to increase suppleness of the skin and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-37 which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

In a recent study, sponsored by the company with people who have used the product for 30 days, the results showed that:

  • 94% of women found that their skin was more hydrated.
  • 96% of women said that their skin looked healthier.
  • 100% of women confirmed that their skin felt more supple and smooth.

What Do Actual Users Think?

The popularity of this product has grown due to the fact that a few celebrities have endorsed it including Joan Lunden (TV Host, Author), Robin Givens (Actress) and Julie Benz (Actress). This has also led to some people referring to Murad Resurgence as the celebrity anti-aging secret. You can watch their video testimonials here on the official website.

We have also searched the internet high and low for genuine Murad Resurgence customer reviews from other real users sourced from trusted sites and Murad Resurgence reviews blog. We tried to find Murad Resurgence introductory kit reviews which contain feedback on all the products including the renewing eye cream, the renewing cleansing cream, the toner, the night cream, and the age-diffusing serum.

This person seems to think that their skin just glows when they use Murad Resurgence…

There is something in this product that just turns the lights on and WOW, makes my skin just light up!

Jamie, Official Website

Murad Resurgence is presented as being able to make you look years younger by making your skin look more firm, supple and hydrated as well as giving it its youthful glow back:

I love this product, my face has never felt so soft and moisturized. I can’t do without it!! I bought the bigger sizes after I tried the kit. My face had gotten so dry since I had hit my 40s, now it feels like it did in my 20s! Love it

ablair, Amazon

In this Murad Resurgence review, the user claims that the product reduced their fine lines, crow’s feet and dark spots significantly which are the main visible signs of aging in just 2 weeks…

I have been using the Murad Resurgence line for about 2 weeks. It is a great product, love the way it makes my skin feel. Very soft and moisturized. My skin is tighter with nice tone. Some of my dark spots are disappearing which I think the age diffusing serum is helping with. The renewing eye cream has really helped with the fine lines and crowfeet. I would recommend it highly


This person seems to have had a lot of compliments about how young they look after using Murad Resurgence to the point that people thought she had cosmetic surgery…

The product has a very light smell which I also like as I am not into perfumes. After a month or so of using, I began to get compliments especially from my daughter’s friends. They say that I look younger and my wrinkles are less visible. A client of mine even asked if I had cosmetic surgery done! My age spots are also lighter and I feel that they will become very light soon. My wrinkles are less prominent and I must say that I now look 10 years younger and have the compliments to prove it


Murad Resurgence is presented as being safe to use with no side effects which is not the case with other products out there:

…I Have Difficulty With Alot Of Products. Other Products Have Either Caused My Skin To Break Out Or My Eyes To Itch And Run…I Work Alot Outdoors And The Creamy Cleanser Does A Great Job Cleaning Away The Oils And Dirt Without Stripping The Skin. I Look Forward To Using More Of These Products!

Hawaiilliane, Official website

Are There Any Murad Resurgence Complaints?

We looked through the reviews on Murad Resurgence for any issues or concerns people had and here they are:

Expensive – Several reviews for Murad Resurgence indicate that some people thought that the kit was a little bit pricey. Our research shows that you usually get what you pay for. Compared to cosmetic surgery and other methods out there to get more youthful looking skin, this product is still relatively cheap. But most important of all, it seems to deliver the results without any harmful side effects associated with other methods and without the pain that you would go through with cosmetic surgery. So, overall, we thought that this product was probably reasonably priced.

Money-Back Guarantee – A handful of Murad Resurgence skin care reviews confirmed that some people who ordered Murad Resurgence from resellers such as Amazon did not get the money-back guarantee that comes with this product. In order to avoid this happening, we recommend that you buy Murad Resurgence from the official website link at the bottom of this page so that you can return it for a full refund within 60 days if you are not fully satisfied with it. You can return it for a full refund even if you have used most of the product.

Counterfeits – We have seen some reviews of Murad Resurgence which seem to indicate that the product contains harmful ingredients and that the product does not work or causes break outs. Further investigation confirmed that these people bought Murad Resurgence from resellers rather than from the official website and they probably received fake products. In order to ensure that you get the genuine product, make sure that you buy Murad Resurgence from the official website.

What’s In The Package?

The basic kit comes with the following products:

  • Age-Balancing Night Cream
  • Renewing Cleansing Cream
  • Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum

Are There Any Bonuses?

You will also get the following free bonus gifts worth $100 when you buy Murad Resurgence from the official website from the link at the bottom of the page:

  • Rapid Collagen Infusion – Helps to maintain the right amount of collagen and moisture levels for a more youthful look.muradpic
  • Renewing Eye Cream – Helps to reduce dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness.
  • Age-Diffusing Firming Mask – Makes your skin plumper to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • $50 Welcome Gift – $50 rewards cards that you can use towards any Murad purchase within 90 days.
  • 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee – You can return the product within 60 days for a full refund if you are not satisfied even if you have used it.


From our research, we have concluded that Murad Resurgence does seem to deliver positive results for its users and therefore, if you want a reliable product that will make you look years younger in a short period of time, then you should give it a try.

Now, your next question is probably “Where To Buy Murad Resurgence?”. We do recommend that you buy Murad Resurgence from the official website from the link below to avoid counterfeit products and take advantage of the 60 day money-back guarantee. The official website is also offering 70% off the normal price with free shipping which seems like a good deal and is worth taking advantage of.

Click Here To Buy Murad Resurgence From The
Official Website With 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee



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