Derm Exclusive Reviews: Anti-Aging Miracle Cream, Or Scam?

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You might have heard of the Derm Exclusive anti-aging solution from the TV Infomercial featuring Dr. Andrew Ordon, a board-certified plastic surgeon and host of television’s The Doctors.

And you are now searching the internet in an effort to find out whether the claims that this product is “as good as—or even better than—the top in-office cosmetic procedures” are true or not.

You’ve probably noticed that it can be hard to make out what information is real and what isn’t regarding Derm Exclusive skin care product reviews on the internet. However, I have made your life easy with this article because I have sourced Derm Exclusive independent and real consumer reviews from various places around the internet.

I will present these reviews to you below and they should provide you with in-depth information about this product that will allow you to then make a decision on whether Derm Exclusive will work wonders for you or not.

What Is Derm Exclusive?

Derm Exclusive is a complete, anti-aging package that claims to make you look years younger.

The skin care package consists of 4 main products,

  • Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment
  • Micro Peel Resurfacing Pads
  • Intensive Repair Serum
  • Collagen Lift Moisturizer

Derm Exclusive when used daily, it is claimed, lifts, firms, smooths, and re-energizes your skin, for substantial, long-term skin rejuvenation results.

The Fill & Freeze Wrinkle Treatment is the main breakthrough product of Dr. Andrew Ordon who claims that the powerful micro smoothing peptides this product contains instantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by visibly restoring skin to its natural smooth state, eliminating the need for surgery which would previously be needed to achieve similar results. He also claims that the results will be visible right from the very first usage.

What Do People Think Of It?

Now, I know you came here to read Derm Exclusive fill and freeze system reviews sourced from Amazon, Beachbody (official product website) and other reliable places on the internet, so here they are…

Firstly, let us have a look at some of the positive reviews of Derm Exclusive Fill and Freeze kit, then we will move on to some of the concerns about this product.

The skin care package is presented as able to produce results from the first usage but most important of all, people will now be able to avoid plastic surgery as shown by this Beachbody Derm Exclusive fill and freeze customer review:

I love love love this product I have seen results right away, my deep wrinkles disappeared and my skin is smoother. I had botox and filler done and it cost a lot I couldn’t afford my next treatment I’m so glad I found derm exclusive it changed my life people say I look young for my age and I have to thank you DR. Ordon your product is the best.


Another user expressed her delight with the results:

It works, it works, it works. So happy! I love this product. My wrinkles disappeared in one day. Yay me!


It seems to produce results irrespective of age. This user has also said that it worked on her neck when she used it there…

I am a 69 year old woman and have been very impressed with the Derm Exclusive Fill and Freeze for my face…. I wish you also made this product for the neck, as I have ‘cheated’ and used some on my neck as well and it makes a difference. I actually wish it were available in a gallon size!


This user says that Derm Exclusive has given her smooth skin and made her look years younger…

Very please with the product. It does work. You can see results. Especially in photographs. Skin texture…very smooth. Youthful looking. It does take some years off your face…


It seems that it delivers better results than other products out there:

This is probably the best product that actually works the very first time using it. I have purchased so many types of skin products on the market, but this truly does work . I will definitely buy this in the future as well.


What Are The Problems?

There were no clearly negative review of Derm Exclusive Fill and Freeze but mainly some concerns.

One of the main concerns was from people who bought the product from Ebay where it was being sold at a higher price than the price on the official Derm Exclusive website.

The other concerns were about not getting the 30 day money-back guarantee and the free bonus products when buying from Ebay. This problem could be avoided by ordering directly from the official website at the link at the bottom of this page.


To sum up my research, Derm Exclusive seems to have delivered results in just days for some people and sometimes longer for others but the bottom line, according to what I found, seems to be that it does work and will make you look younger.

Therefore, it seems that it would be worth you giving it a try if those are the results you are after.

What’s Included In The Package?


There are 3 different kits available to purchase from the official website, all of which come with free gifts and other bonuses listed below:

Introductory Collection

  • 4 pieces, 30-day supply
  • Get a second Fill & Freeze Pen Free

Advanced Collection

  • 4 pieces, 90-day supply
  • Get a second Fill & Freeze Pen and a travel bag free and also get free shipping
  • This package can be purchased in 3 installments

Ultimate Collection

  • 7 pieces, 90-day supply
  • Get a second Fill & Freeze Pen and a travel bag free and also get free shipping
  • This package can be purchased in 3 installments

When you order any of the Derm Exclusive Kits from the official website, you have a 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason you can get your money back.

I advise you to only buy the package through the official site, rather than a reseller, in order to ensure you are fully protected if anything goes wrong or you decide not to keep it.

Click Here To Buy Derm Exclusive From The
Official Website With The 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee



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