Truth Revealed: Do Collagen Supplements Work?

collagen supplementsYou can find collagen supplements in many different places these days, both online and off-line. But not all supplements are created equal and it can be difficult sometimes in determining what is a good one and what is a bad one.

In this article we’re going to look at what collagen supplements are and how they work, and then we will look at some guidelines for establishing what is a good supplement to use.

What Is Collagen?

When it comes down to it, collagen is just a type of protein. For most people the word “protein” conjures up ideas of something they must add to their daily diet. While that idea is true, for a collagen supplement the word “protein” means something a bit more specific.

In this case we define it as a carbon-based organic compound made up of amino acids. In case you didn’t know, amino acids are just naturally-occurring molecules that are made up mostly of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Special chemical reactions hold together the amino acids that comprise a protein, and these are known as peptide bonds.

Proteins are absolutely required for the molecules in our cells to function. They are a key requirement in many cell-based processes within a living body. And there are a number of different kinds of protein with genetically-determined functions.

The Purpose Of Collagen

The protein known as collagen is primarily responsible for the connective tissues of the body. These tissues include cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Collagen helps to maintain them in good working order.

It also plays a major role in the cells comprising blood vessels, teeth, bones and, in particular, the skin. In human beings, collagen is the most common protein. It makes up about 25% of all protein contained in the body.

The structure of collagen is such that it is like a rubber band – elastic and strong. It helps in the healing of wounds and keeps the skin generally healthy. It is often used by plastic surgeons when treating patients with burns because of its cosmetic and skin-repair properties.

As people get older, they gradually lose more and more collagen from their bodies. By the time someone reaches 40, they may have lost as much of a third of the collagen that was originally in their body. The loss of this protein is what causes sagging skin and wrinkles. Other side effects from collagen loss include weakened bones and muscles.

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

It may now start to become clear to you how adding back collagen to the body can rejuvenate you as you get older. However it’s not just a case of pumping the collagen back into the body. How you take the supplement is important.

Most people see the best results from collagen supplements by taking them orally, in the form of a pill or liquid. This works effectively to allow the body to absorb this protein easily from within.

Taking these kinds of supplements regularly over a reasonable period of time can, as well as improving stiff joints and muscles, rejuvenate the way your skin looks. This is why collagen supplements often play a vital part within anti-aging creams. For most people, they should start to see results from taking a supplement of this kind in about 14 days.

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Supplements

Having now learned a bit about what collagen is and how it can help you, you may now be wondering how to choose a good quality collagen supplement. Let’s look at some guidelines to help you.

It is a fact of life that as a health supplement becomes popular, cheap copies of it start to be mass-produced and sold to the general public. This is what starts to make the process of choosing a good quality supplement a difficult one. There are so many different types of the supplement available of greatly-varying quality. With the bad ones, at best, you could be wasting your money and, at worst, you could be risking your life.

Collagen: Pills Vs Liquids – The first guideline to consider when trying to find a quality supplement is what form you will take the collagen in. A lot of the time this comes down to personal preference but, as a general rule, a liquid dose will be more concentrated than a pill-based dose. And for most people, the liquid form will be easier to take anyway.

Thickness Of The Liquid – Collagen supplement reviews reveal confirm that the second quality guideline is to do with the appearance of the collagen liquid. At room temperature, collagen in a liquid form will appear to have the consistency of a syrup. If it appears thin or watery, be on your guard. It may be that this collagen supplement has been padded out with fillers. Be aware, however, that different batches of liquid collagen from even the same company may vary a little bit in viscosity so don’t think there is something wrong just because your liquid collagen appears slightly different than before.

Reddish Color – A good quality collagen supplement should appear to be visibly red in color, with hints of gold or copper. If the color appears to be significantly different from this, you may have obtained a supplement that has been artificially filled-out with additives. Be especially aware of any collagen supplement that appears to be completely clear in color. There may be nothing more than water in it.

Bovine-Sourced Collagen – Collagen that originates from bovine sources can be used more effectively in the human body than those that originate from, for example, chicken, fish, pork-based sources. So try to aim for this kind of supplement if you can.

Hydrolization Process – Hydrolization is a way of pre-digesting the collagen supplement so it can be more easily absorbed by your body. There are two types of Hydrolization, an enzymatic one and an acid-based one.When you have the choice, try and go for collagen has been subject to enzymatic Hydrolization. This method is superior because it breaks down the collagen completely in a natural way so that it is ready for your body to absorb very quickly.

In this article we’ve looked at what collagen is, how it works within the body, and some key guidelines for choosing a high-quality and effective collagen supplement. I hope you found it useful.



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