The Lost Art Of Applying Makeup: Secrets And Tips

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Many women these days make mistakes when it comes to applying makeup. Applying makeup and understanding how to make it look good is rapidly becoming an art that has fallen to the wayside in these modern times. This article will help you understand what makeup is all about and it will give you some basic ideas on how to apply it correctly.

The reason that many women are losing their makeup skills is that there is a trend these days for women to wear less and less makeup. So there is less time spent practicing how to do it well. Sometimes this is influenced by modern men preferring women to wear less makeup, other times it is due to a desire by the women not to be chained to a makeup brush. It is a sign of the changing times we live in.

However, there are still many occasions where wearing makeup can be beneficial to woman’s looks and might well be socially essential, such as dating, parties, and formal job interviews.

Why Wear Makeup At All?

To understand how to apply makeup correctly, it is first necessary to understand what the purpose of makeup is. At its core, makeup is an optical illusion. It is a way for women to transform the way they look to achieve a different appearance.

Applying makeup can make a woman’s face appear different in both shape and color. Makeup can highlight certain features and diminish others. It can often make someone look more pleasing to others. And, especially these days, it can even be used as a way of making a personal visual statement about a woman’s lifestyle.

The Makeup Kit Secret

Once you understand what makeup is for, it becomes easier to make decisions about what kind of makeup you need to achieve the effect you want. However, before rushing out to buy different types of makeup and equipment, it is often good to just start by purchasing a single all-in-one makeup kit.

This helps to make sure that you have everything you need to get started and it will often save you money since a kit will often come at a discounted price compared to the individual items within it. Buying a makeup kit will also give you the correct proportions of it for each part of your face so that you don’t run short of any particular item.

Once you have assembled your makeup kit, it is important to prepare your face to apply the makeup. Preparation is a critical step in making makeup look good. First of all, remove any previous makeup you may have on your face. Applying new makeup over existing makeup can produce strange looking effects that can affect your look adversely.

Instead, invest in a good quality makeup remover and use it regularly. It will pay you benefits again and again in that it will prevent your skin pores from clogging up. And it will help remove dead skin cells that may otherwise interfere with the makeup that you are about to apply.

Keep Good Hygiene

After you have prepared your face, it is time to start applying the makeup. There is a crucial step here which many women overlook – and that is one of having good personal hygiene.

Never touch your makeup or the inside of your makeup bag without making sure that your hands are clean first. Remember that these items are going to go on to your face and will be in direct contact with your skin. You want to make sure that you use some hand sanitizer before applying makeup materials to your face. Make sure that you keep makeup brushes and makeup sponges clean and fresh at all times.

Clean up your makeup bag as often as required to keep it clean. If you have an eyelash curler, put it in a glass of hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes and then wipe it clean with a cloth. By taking care of basic hygiene regarding makeup, you will avoid many skin and body problems in future and will be able to make your makeup look as good as it can look.

This then brings us on to the point of what kind of equipment should you use to apply your makeup. What’s the point of buying high-quality makeup, if you can’t use it properly? Buy a good quality makeup brush and keep it clean. A dirty brush will not only make your makeup appear rough and rushed, but it can also attract bugs that may lead to viral or bacterial infections. An alternative to a typical brush might be a makeup airbrush.

Foundation Comes First

At the base of all facial makeup is a makeup foundation. It is easy to think that a foundation, not being highly visible, is not as important as what goes over the top of it. However, the reverse is true. Without a good foundation, your skin can look worse with makeup applied. A good foundation can smooth your skin tone, conceal any blemishes, and give your entire face a healthier glow.

Another critical factor to applying makeup well is that of blending the colors on your face together for a natural appearance. Applying your makeup in a way that produces harsh lines and wrinkles can defeat the look you are trying to achieve. When used correctly, makeup should blend naturally from one area of your face to another. If you do not know how to do this well, find a tutorial online and watch the techniques and principles behind blending carefully. Many professionals give away free tips on their websites.

There are also many other techniques available, often online for free, that teach you how to apply your makeup properly. Consider spending some time in learning the skills involved in adding makeup to your face in a pleasing way. The last thing you want to do is to rush your makeup and end up looking worse as a result.

Don’t Rush

Perhaps one of the most extreme examples of rushing makeup is when women try to apply makeup while driving their cars to work in the morning. In the first place, this kind of activity can be far more dangerous than even using a cell phone in the car.

But regardless of the risks, that sort of approach is not going to produce the best results for you. The rearview mirror of a car is no substitute for well-lit makeup mirror. While you may think that you are applying your makeup in a reasonable way, you may get to your workplace and realize it looks awful.

It is far better to stop by the side of the road and apply your makeup correctly than risk a disaster.

You should now have a clearer understanding of what makeup is for and some basic principles to follow in applying makeup. In this article, we have looked at what makeup is all about in the first place, how to prepare your face, and we have looked at some basic principles of applying makeup and where to find more information.

We hope you found all this information useful. Now use this article as a starting point to learn further methods of applying makeup. Applying makeup well is a skill that will serve you well time and again.

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