Airbrush Makeup: Achieve The Perfect Finish In No Time

If you like your makeup, then you will have heard of airbrush makeup. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what this kind of makeup achieves, how to use it and also go through some of its benefits over conventional makeup application.

Airbrush makeup makes applying makeup as simple as you are going to get through the use of a makeup gun. Most people who have heard of it seem to think that it is only professional makeup artists that use it and they also think that it is hard to use. This is not the case at all. There are a wide variety of kits available to cater for everybody’s needs.

This piece of kit might be expensive to buy especially if you are buying the complete package which includes a compressor, airbrush gun and foundations, but rest assured it is money well spent.

Types Of Airbrush Foundation

There are two types of airbrush foundations available, water-based and silicone-based, and it is entirely up to you which one you use. The most important thing is to find the right color for your skin. You only require 10 drops of foundation into the airbrush cup to apply makeup to your entire face and to blend the makeup with your neck. Now, if you want less heavy makeup, just use fewer drops in the gun.

In order to apply the foundation, hold the airbrush gun about 10 cm away from your face and start spraying. You will notice that it is not possible to make a mistake with the makeup application even if you have your eyes closed because the airbrush gun will carry on spraying evenly.

Now let’s move on to some of the benefits of using airbrush makeup as part of your beauty routine.

Uses Less Foundation

One of the main benefits of if is the fact that you use less airbrush foundation than when you are using normal foundations because the pigments in airbrush foundations are more concentrated.

Automatic Blending

When using airbrush makeup, you do not need to worry about blending your makeup because this happens automatically when the fine spray from the gun is applied to your face. The result you will get every time is a perfect blend with no makeup lines.

Another thing to remember is if you have lines on your face you should use a primer first and then apply the foundation. The primer will help smooth out the lines on your face and will also provide some extra moisture to your skin. You should use a water-based primer for water-based makeup and a silicone-based primer for silicone-based makeup.

Excellent Even Coverage

Applying makeup with the kit ensures that you get a complete coverage of your face and everything that needs to be hidden really is hidden. If you need to, you can apply concealer when needed but you have to let the primer dry first.

Some people say that concealer should be applied after foundation however with airbrush makeup this is not a good idea because the concealer will appear over your perfect airbrush finish. You will notice that when using airbrush makeup foundation, your finish looks impeccable each time with no makeup sitting in the lines of your face and your makeup does not slip.

Quick And Easy Blush & Bronzer Application

The airbrush gun also makes applying blusher and bronzer quick and easy. For blush application, after removing all the foundation out of the gun, put two to three drops of blusher in the gun and spray where you want the brush to go.

You need to remember to have the lever at half in this case to get a lighter spray. For bronzer application, you need three to four drops in the gun and that should be enough for the whole face. Applying foundation, blush and bronzer with an airbrush gun should only take about one minute and it should take another minute to clean the airbrush gun. So it will take you less than two minutes to achieve the perfect finish every time.

Lasts Longer

If you use a good quality airbrush makeup, it will last up to 15 hours. If you using a water-based one, just by adding one drop of vodka in the airbrush cup when applying the foundation will waterproof your makeup. Therefore, this kind of application is ideal on a hot summer day to help your makeup go for longer.

Makeup Feels Light

When you first start using airbrush makeup you will probably keep checking whether your makeup is still there because it is so light you will actually feel like you are not wearing any makeup at all. This is the reason why people who try it never go back to traditional makeup application. If you use an airbrush foundation that is mineral-based then you will not need to put any powder on top to achieve a natural looking finish.

It is very important to clean your airbrush gun after every use to ensure that it remains in the best condition and lasts longer.

Cleaning The Airbrush Gun

There are three stages to cleaning the airbrush gun. First of all you need to fill the cup with water and spray the water out of the gun into the sink or bath. Then you need to fill half of the cup with airbrush cleaner and spray the cleaner out.

The cleaner usually removes any remaining residue you that would normally clog up the gun. The last step is to fill the cup again with water and spray the water out to get rid of any remaining airbrush cleaner.

Another good product to consider using with your airbrush makeup is foundation setting spray which is just a separate spray bottle on its own which does not need to be applied with the airbrush gun. You can use the airbrush gun with nothing in it, just air to dry the foundation setting spray afterwards.

After reading this article, hopefully you now have a good idea of how to use airbrush makeup and how it is a lot quicker than traditional methods, is less messy and achieves the perfect finish every time.



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